Neighborhood Potluck Signup or Opt-Out Form

For Tempe residents and Tempe-area neighbors, including north Chandler, west Mesa, south Scottsdale, east Phoenix.

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This is not an invitation to a specific event. This is a form neighbors use to sign up to receive invitations to multiple neighborhood potluck events. OR this form can be used to opt out of receiving invitations to these events or receiving further requests to sign up.

We want to ask everybody in the neighborhood to respond "yes" or "no". That way we can focus on sending invitations only to those who want to receive them.

Why? Meeting neighbors for informal potluck meals is a simple yet effective way to strengthen the neighborhood. Or do it just because it’s fun! We all have to eat. Might as well enjoy some of those meals with people from the neighborhood - some of whom you have never met, and some of whom you already know. This is being organized by neighbors and is not part of any official city program.

1. Would you like to receive invitations to regularly held neighborhood events?

2. Would you like to host a potluck event at your own place?
If yes or maybe, how many people could you seat? 

3. How would you like to be contacted with invitations to potluck events?
Typically just ONE contact method is enough, although some people like to use both email AND text messages.
Text Message:  

4. Your name: 

So that we know who we are inviting to events. Note that we do not list names or contact information anywhere online.

5. Receive invitations to "potluck-adjacent" events?
There are some events which are SIMILAR to neighborhood potluck events, which are likely of interest to the people who sign up to be on this list. These include progressive dinners (eating different courses at different homes in one evening), "Guys Night Out" or "Girls Night Out" events (meeting at a local restaurant), standard dinner parties (host provides all of the food), GAIN Night (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods), watch parties, etc.

6. Street address: 

Optional. We use street addresses so we know what neighborhood list members live in, to make sure they are invited to block-specific and neighborhood-specific potluck events. ALSO, for opting out: We use the street address to keep track of who has responded to this survey, including those who opt out - those who do not want to be contacted. If you want to opt out, please provide a physical address in order to ensure that we do not send physical mailings to your house or otherwise try to contact you.

7. Nextdoor name: 

Optional. This is your name as it appears publicly on the Nextdoor platform, if you use Nextdoor. (NOT your username that you use to log into the site.) If you are responding to an invitation sent via Nextdoor, please provide your Nextdoor name so we can cross you off of the list of people we are trying to invite via Nextdoor. If you are opting out, then please be sure to provide your Nextdoor name so that we do not send you further messages. This signup/opt-out page is not directly connected to Nextdoor, so we will not automatically know your Nextdoor name if you do not provide it.

8. Check this box if you want to receive only one invitation per month, to one big neighborhood event (instead of receiving invites to multiple events per month).
9. Check this box if you only want to receive invitations to events in YOUR specific neighborhood.