National Day of Reason Potluck Dinner

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6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, May 2, 2024
Pyle Adult Recreation Center
655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282
multi-purpose room

Free event. Everyone welcome!

Celebrated annually on the first Thursday in May, the National Day of Reason is an annual holiday for humanists, atheists and secularists. The celebration was created by the American Humanist Association and the Washington Area Secular Humanists in 2003.

Who? This is a public neighborhood event open to everybody! People of all faiths, or none at all, are welcome at the event.

Will there be any sort of activity aside from eating and talking to neighbors? We plan to have an opportunity for people to introduce themselves. Plus there will be a themed trivia challenge with people competing as teams. There may be one or two additional short activities announced as we get closer to the event. But mainly it's a potluck dinner.

We are actively talking to or planning to work with a number of applicable groups, including the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (HSGP), American Humanist Association, Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We'll certainly be inviting local members of these groups to attend and participate. We have not completed all of these plans yet, but we wanted to post this event as soon as possible so that neighbors can mark their calendars.

Is this event intended to promote atheism? No. The purpose of this event is to bring people of all backgrounds together, not to convert anybody to any particular position.

Who is planning this event? A number of the neighborhood group's leading members and event planners are organizing this event, including individuals who are strong atheists as well as non-atheist friends.

What to Bring: Guests may bring any type of food. Enough to feed about 8 to 10 people. Bring a main dish, salad, side dish, homemade bread, etc. (We already have enough desserts.) Hosts will provide drinks, plates, utensils, etc.

RSVP required in order to attend: To RSVP, use your standard RSVP buttons, or use the form at the top of this page, or email: [or] text: 480-269-5823

Items guests have signed up to bring:
B. G: tbd
G. T: Something small and cheap from Walmart
L. E: Something Gluten-free
N. B: 2 Spanakopita Pies-(A Phillo Dough Round Pie with Greek Cheeses and Spinach)
P. H: chicken broccoli casserole
S. R: Savory flat bread
S. M: Dessert
D. K: ?
G. M: ?
J. H: ?
S. F: ?