10th Annual Fall Potluck at Rotary Park

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6:30 PM
Friday, September 23, 2022
Rotary Park
2015 E. Hermosa Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282

Click link to view print flier: past_invites/potluck_dinner_invite_2022Sep23.jpg

Free event.

Please join us for this fun annual outdoor potluck event at Rotary Park!

This is how our neighborhood is participating in the national event known as "The Big Neighborhood Meetup."

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What to Bring: Guests bring any food item they want to bring, enough to share with 6 to 8 people. Main dish, side dish, salad, bread, dessert, appetizers, etc. Bring food only. Hosts are providing plates, utensils, cups, drinks, etc.

Bring portable chair and/or blanket to sit on. We form a large circle on the central lawn and eat and mingle and talk. The hosts are providing serving tables. There are a few picnic tables at the park that attendees may eat at, but most everybody sits on the lawn using folding chairs they bring themselves.

There are always many families with young children at this event. (There is a great playground there.) But traditionally, most of the people who come to this event are single individuals (of all ages!) or couples whose children have grown.

Co-sponsored by the Tempe neighborhood potluck group and the Del Rio Ward. This group has organized this neighborhood potluck event at Rotary Park at this time of year for over ten years (only skipping a couple of years due to the pandemic).

Fun Fact: September 2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of two classic TV series: “M*A*S*H” and “The Waltons.” I’m planning to bring a cake to commemorate this.

Items guests have signed up to bring:
??: Baked Ziti
T. G: Meat/Sausages
A. F: a main dish
C. W: Green Salad
C. A: Dessert
D. A: Panamanian Potatoe Salad
D. K: Cookies
D. K: Bbq
E. J: fried chicken
J. K: Potato salad
K. H: bite-sized cheesecakes
M. P: Green mixed salad
N. N: brownies
P. H: sheet cake
T. K: pita chips and hummus
T. S: Bagel sandwitches
??: ?
A. S: ?
A. S: ?
A. R: ?
B. R: ?
B. E: ?
B. D: ?
D. B: ?
E. G: ?
E. A: ?
H. C: ?
J. H: ?
J. J: ?
J. K: ?
J. R: ?
K. H: ?
L. W: ?
L. G: ?
L. J: ?
L. Z: ?
L. W: ?
M. S: ?
N. A: ?
R. B: ?
R. A: ?
S. R: ?
S. R: ?
S. B: ?
S. M: ?
T. K: ?