Tracy's Birthday Potluck Pool Party

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7:00 PM
Saturday, June 24, 2023
The Emerson
101 W. 5th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281

Please do not bring gifts or cards. Thank you! (This is a birthday party, but not the kind of party where guests bring gifts or cards.)

David and Sonia are hosting a birthday party / pool party / potluck dinner event to celebrate Tracy's birthday! Tracy is the organizer of the neighborhood group's book club (the Armchair Adventure Book Club) and one of the most active organizers and participants in the group.

Who? Everyone is welcome! Whether you know Tracy or the hosts or not. The neighborhood group is all about meeting new neighbors and turning strangers into friends. We hope you will attend, especially if you are new and don't know many (or any) of the neighbors in this group yet. Most people in attendance will adults, but this is a family-friendly event open to people of all ages.

This apartment building is where the mayor of Tempe lives. In addition to the beautiful pool, here are photos of the commons area where we will be gathering:

What to Bring: This is a potluck event. Please bring any type of food item you want to bring. We are not making assignments or providing a list of suggested items. May bring a main dish, side dish, salad, dessert, snack, etc.

Also bring: A swimsuit and a towel if you plan to get in the pool.

People of ALL shapes and sizes will feel comfortable getting in the pool, and are welcome to wear a swim shirt, T-shirt, full body suit, etc., for protection from the sun and comfort. If you don't want to get in the pool, that's fine too!

Items guests have signed up to bring:
J. J: Chips, Salsa & Guacamole
J. T: Not sure
L. W: shrimp avocado salad
A. G: Guacamole
A. H: Tortilla and cheese
B. N: Main dish
B. E: Guacamole
B. S: ?
B. G: chocolate
C. W: Chips & M&M Cookies
C. D: Fruit
C. D: fruit salad
D. K: something blue
D. K: Chicken
J. H: Carnitas
J. F: some type of pasta
J. M: Update later
K. B: salsa
L. H: Appetizer
M. O: Cantelope, Bundt cake
R. T: Chopped Salad
T. S: roasted veges
T. C: Veggies
A. D: ?
A. S: ?
A. K: ?
B. N: ?
G. S: ?
G. T: ?
J. Y: ?
Lonnie: ?
M. O: ?
M. M: ?
M. D: ?
M. M: ?
M. S: ?
M. S: ?
N. N: ?
Patrick: ?
P. H: ?
S. M: ?
S. S: ?
S. R: ?
T. L: ?